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yoco :: College Basketball
(a sports weblog) news and commentary on men's college basketball and the ncaa tournament

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Welcome to yoco :: College Basketball 2.0!

At the new home of yoco :: College Basketball, you'll notice a few new features, each designed to enable this blog to be a community forum for educated, informed and passionate commentary on college basketball.

Diaries: Each time you visit this site, be sure to read not only the frontpage, but also the Diaries. Submitted by registered users, diaries function as blogs within a blog.

Nested Comments: Rather than display feedback chronologically, nested comments display topically, enabling registered users to reply directly to a given post or comment.

Bloggers Bracket: Come March, this site will host the First Annual NCAA Tournament Bloggers Bracket. Registered users will be able submit their picks and compete against other members of the blogosphere, with results updated in real-time.

Registration: Unfortunately, to enable content management, only registered users (feel free to use an alias) are able to comment, post diaries, and enter the Bloggers Bracket. While unregistered users will still be able to read this site, those who register will also be able to customize their yoco :: College Basketball homepage and settings.

To register, click on Create Account. The signup process asks for an email address (which will never be distributed or made public, create a new yahoo account if you'd like) to which will be sent your computer-generated password. Once you receive the email and login, you will be able to create a new, memorable, password, input your user preferences (the public profile other users can see), and customize your display preferences (to alter your yoco homepage).

Explore and enjoy yoco :: College Basketball 2.0!