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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Squeeze the Juice

In Syracuse, they're excited about Warrick's return. From the Post-Standard:

Hakim Warrick's decision to spurn the NBA and return to Syracuse University has ignited a firestorm of expectations. "I think we've got the best player in the country now," said SU assistant coach Mike Hopkins. "I don't think there's a question. He was third-team All-American (as a junior) and I think he'll be a first-teamer next year. He's got experience and leadership ability. Look at the teams that have won national championships. They've always had the guy with a great supporting cast. We've got the guy with a great supporting cast."

Warrick's return completes a 2004-05 SU roster that loses only one player - Jeremy McNeil - from a 23-8 team that reached the Sweet 16. The team will also feature incoming freshmen Josh Wright and Dayshawn Wright, both of who can contribute right away.

Maybe. But the paper's analysis doesn't sit well with me. First, the Orangemen lacked offensive options this season. Second, their tournament success was the result of fortunate seeding, not fortuitous talent. Third and finally, 'Melo, not Boeheim, led Syracuse to the promised land. I'm not sure Jimmy's a good enough coach to orchestrate a repeat performance with Warrick & Co.

From Bad to Worse

Despite a slew of talent, Pat Kennedy couldn't win at DePaul.

Nor has he shown he can win at Montana, going 23-35 over a two-year period. This past season his Grizzlies were 10-18.

So why is Towson University interested in his services? AD's never cease to amaze me...

They Said It

"Can't get no education in one year."
-- High school phenom and Arkansas signee Al Jefferson

Al's about to enter the NBA Draft...

"E.A. Sports. It's in the game."

Or not.

Division I schools will no longer be able to play the E.A. All Stars in exhibition games.

Another opportunity to mock ex-college stars bites the dust. Euro-leagues here I come!

Go West, Young Man

Delonte declares for the NBA Draft. Though he has yet to hire an agent, I'm thinking he won't be back at St. Joe's next fall.

Friday, April 30, 2004


Jorge Sierra has the scoop on the latest goings-on in Penn's life.

The highlight:

Penn: Maybe I should have left college early because apparently now the sooner you leave, the better your chances are in the NBA.

Scoonie led Ohio State to the Final Four in 1999. As an undersized guard, it probably would have been wise for him to declare early and benefit from being a hot commodity.

But Penn returned to Ohio State and, despite a solid season, slipped to the second round in the 2000 NBA Draft. He's since played for played for Trieste (Italy), Virtus Roma (Italy), Asheville Altitude (NBDL), Red Star Belgrade (Serbia) and now Cibona Zagreb (Croatia). Oh well.

Dropping Duke

If Shaun Livingston follows Luol Deng into the NBA, how far will the Dukies drop?

Mike Krzyzewski would be down to eight scholarship players: Shelden Williams, Shavlik Randolph, J.J. Redick, Sean Dockery and Daniel Ewing as the starting five, with Lee Melchionni, and incoming freshmen DeMarcus Nelson and David McClure coming off the bench.

Demarcus Nelson is an impact addition. But I think next year's Blue Devils are in serious danger of lacking star power. I'm talking about a borderline Top 25 team that no serious pundit (Dick Vitale doesn't count) would peg a legitimate national championship contender.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Deng It!

We hardly knew ye, Luol.

Duke and ESPN continue to suggest that Deng might be back at Duke next fall. I'm skeptical.

First, Luol's a top five pick. That's big money and significant playing time.

Second, if he were sure he wanted Coach K's instruction, why declare at all? The incentives to go pro only increase with his announcement.

Third and finally, history. Has a player of his magnitude ever declared, only to later return to school?

Also, I'm still on the road. Please excuse the light posting.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Lose Lavin

3:16 AM on Sunday Morning

Me: It's always sad when the EA All-Stars make it a close game.
Jason: Uhhh. They beat Northwestern, twice during my four years. Both times on long three pointers at the buzzer. And it was probably right after one of those games that Steve Lavin comes on the air and predicts Northwestern will be one of his surprise teams that year.
Me: Steve Lavin is getting serious consideration for head coaching jobs around the country.
Jason: I hope he gets one of them. I don't want to see his face on television next year.

Where Are They Now?

Worth many, many laughs.

The highlights:

Miles Simon recently had his car stolen in Turkey, Scotty Thurman now plays in Lebanon, A.J. Guyton and Tyus Edney are in Italy, Matt Santangelo is in Spain and Michael Wright is in Israel ("15 seconds to the end, Michael Wright was blocked by Elyahu)."

Off Topic: Eric Montross

Say you're the Boston Celtics.

Say you draft North Carolina's Eric Montross in the 1994 NBA Draft.

Say you sign Montross to an eleven-year deal.

Eleven years! Say what?