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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Special K

Missing from the dozens of articles (for example, Phil Taylor's) written about Coach K in the last week is the real reason he turned down the Lakers: Because Kobe asked him to accept the job.


That's right. Coach K turned down the Lakers because Kobe asked him to accept the job.

Sure, Los Angeles pursued Coach K at Kobe's request. And yes, Coach K considered the offer at Kobe's urging. But Krzyzewski has never been one to play second fiddle, even to his NBA(-bound) players.

In the past couple months, Kobe has all but run Shaq out of town. In the past couple weeks, he's taken control of the Lakers search for a head coach. Had Krzyzewski taken Kobe's bait, Bryant would have cemented his stranglehold over the franchise.

And it would have been he, not Coach K, who ran the show in Los Angeles. Which would have been - and therefore was - unacceptable to Duke's living legend.

Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm so rarely right...

But on July 1st I wrote:

When it's all said and done, Ohio State will welcome a surprisingly accomplished coach to its ranks.

Yesterday Thad Matta joined the Buckeyes. Having gone 102-31 in the past four years at Xavier and Butler, Matta is quite a catch.

They Said It

"I'd like to see Barney dribble. I'd like to see Barney in the Final Four."
-- Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Miller Time

Xavier made the right move in promoting assistant Sean Miller after Thad Matta left for greener pastures. Over the past couple seasons, Miller has demonstrated a commitment to the Musketeers. He's also gained a tremendous amount of experience -- and been a key contributor to winning programs -- at North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Miami of Ohio and Wisconsin. Word is Miller is a persuasive recruiter, as evidenced by his successful pursuit of B.J. Raymond. And for what it's worth, Stan's also the son of high school coaching legend John Miller.


Has been giving me serious headaches. I've been all but unable to post for the past couple days. Ugh.

Maybe it's time to consider Movable Type?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Strange, but True

Steve Lavin to Ohio State? Why didn't I think of that?

A perfect fit. An often maligned young coach takes the reigns at a perhaps soon to be disciplined institution in a major conference.

For all his faults, Lavin led UCLA to five Sweet Sixteens in six seasons. For all of the uncertainty surrounding its basketball program, Ohio State remains a premier institution with a solid recruiting base.

Oh, Andy

You should no better. I'm happy Coach K is staying at Duke, but had he decided to coach the Lakers, the apocalypse would not have been upon us.

Had Krzyzewski left Duke, his departure to the NBA would have set off fireworks that wouldn't have been good for the sport. It would have signaled that the NBA had not only taken the youth of college basketball, but one of the most recognizable coaches, as well.

The sport would have continued without Krzyzewski and it certainly will whenever he retires.

But college hoops is too battered and bruised right now to withstand losing another high-profile name to the NBA.

College basketball generates more excitement than the NBA. March Madness engages millions of fans. And the players? They keep coming. New collegiate stars are born with every game and during every season. Bye bye Deng. Hello Demarcus.


For the past couple days, Blogger has been down each time I have attempted to post.

Sorry for the lack of content. But it looks like the problem has been fixed.