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Friday, February 11, 2005

what's in a name?

-- The Detroit News' John Niyo and Jim Spadafore write up Michigan athletic director Bill Martin's confidence in Tommy Amaker. Even as the Wolverines (12-12, 3-7 in the Big Ten) struggle mightily and Daniel Horton's girlfriend tells police the Michigan ballplayer abused her several times before the incident that led her to file domestic violence charge against him.

-- Billy Packer believes a weak Big Ten has failed to prepare the Fighting Illini for the NCAA Tournament. Earth to Billy: Even if so, Illinois' non-conference scheduling -- including games against Cincinnati, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Oregon and Wake Forest -- should do the trick.

-- Camille Powell of the Washington Post takes up the latest meme, running with the notion that the Big East is the "best and deepest" conference in the land. Ahead of Sunday's Connecticut-North Carolina game, you will no doubt hear (several times) that the Big East is 6-1 in games against the ACC. (Though 0-0 against Duke and Wake Forest).

-- WCNC-TV sports director Chuck Howard argues in the Charlotte (NC) Observer that the Tar Heels don't own "Carolina." Semantics, my friend. Semantics. (Or as the Dukies would say, go to hell.)

-- Reader kcjc suggests I link to Tom Kensler's column on the plethora of Seattle-area prep talent. He of the Denver Post, Kensler is clever enough to suggest (pun intended?) that no longer can "New York, Chicago or Houston claim to be the No. 1 hotbed for high school blue-chippers. Right now, Seattle's best."