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Monday, February 14, 2005

Miles Roby

-- The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy notes Siena coach Rob Lanier is on the hot seat.

-- ESPN's Pat Forde reviews the week in his must-read minutes. Forde gets bonus points for including the extraneous photo of Ashley Judd, but loses my respect for suggesting Kentucky vs. Louisville is a better rivalry than Duke vs. North Carolina (or Maryland). His notes on Steve Fisher are dead-on. Where you aware the former Michigan coach is 1-11 in overtime games as the San Diego State's floor general? Forde also devotes a few solid paragraphs to Pacific's come from behind victory over Utah State, a win that is worth at least a one-seed bump in the NCAA Tournament. Finally, I suggest you bookmark Forde's notes on picking a bracket. I'll be returning to his column come March.

-- Don't look now, but DePaul has won eight of nine. My flavor of the week to replace Lute Olson at Arizona, (if and) when the Silver Fox (not to be confused with Walt Comeau of Richard Russo's "Empire Falls") retires? Dave Leitao.

-- Michael Marot of the Associates Press pens the worst lead of the day.

The Indiana Hoosiers understand the stakes. With six Big Ten games remaining, they need three wins to finish with a winning conference record and likely in the top half of the Big Ten standings. It may take even more wins to impress the NCAA Tournament selection committee.

Does Marot believe a 14-13 Hoosiers squad has any chance at an NCAA Tournament bid? Is he crazy? If by "may" he means "will," then maybe not. But if by "may" he means anything less than "will," then yes.

-- Save USC, every Pac 10 team deserves an invite to the either the NCAA or the NIT. Or so Oregon State's upset of Washington (more here) has me believing. The Beavers' David Lucas remains the best player of which you've never heard. And Jay John, his OSU club 9-1 at home, continues to make the case for conference coach of the year honors. As of this morning, he's got my vote.