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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

mea culpa

Yesterday I predicted New Mexico would defeat Wyoming "without too much effort." The result? Wyoming 81, New Mexico 71.

Today I foretold a Boston College victory over Notre Dame, suggesting the game would be "Not. Even. Close." The result? Notre Dame 68, Boston College 65.

In other words, never trust a blogger to do a Digger's job. Sigh.

[Reader RS, however, was wrong to comment that my "Boston Love clouded [my] judgment." In the case of Skinner v. Brey, I ruled in favor of the plaintiff (read: the road team) based upon the "Chris Thomas non-establishment clause." (In layman's terms, Thomas' failure to establish himself as the player pundits believed he would be). Nine assists and nineteen points later, the yoco district court, now located in Arlington, Virginia, has granted the defendant's appeal.]