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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

fun with google: nothing to do with...paris hilton

-- Clemson yesterday trashed Maryland. You never know which Terrapins squad will come to play.

-- The Tucson Citizen's Corky Simpson kindly profiles longtime Pac-10 referee Charlie Range. Simpson's appreciation for the man in stripes is happily apparent throughout his piece. Range plans to retire at season's end and I wish him the best.

-- CBS Analyst Clark Kellogg praises emerging star J.P. Batista (among others) for his 25-point, 12-rebound effort against Portland. Evidence Gonzaga will be fine even after Ronny Turiaf is playing in the NBA.

-- The thin get thinner, Part Deux. Already without Cameron Bennerman, North Carolina State has lost forward Levi Watkins to a knee sprain for at least four weeks. Prospects for an NCAA Tournament bid look increasingly bleak for Herb Sendek's squad. The ACC's strength is beginning to work against the Pack.

-- The (SC) State's Ron Morris suggests South Carolina will either come together or fall (entirely) apart following Dave Odom's suspension of two Gamecock players. Here's thinking they'll do neither, continuing to hum along in an entirely unimpressive 2004-2005 campaign. Oh, had a few buckets only fallen at Kansas...