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Thursday, February 03, 2005


ESPN's "Sports Guy," the one and only Bill Simmons, rarely writes about college basketball. Now I know why.

Brendan (Dedham, MA): Does it kill you, being the Holy Cross grad that you are, to see B.C. at 19-0 right now??

Bill Simmons: Are you kidding me? I'm delighted! They're going into the Big East tournament at like 29-1, then they'll get killed in Round 2 by some no-name team...then they'll choke on opening weekend. Just remember, when Al Skinner is your coach, that means that Al Skinner is your coach.

Quick: Name the "no-name team" that defeated the Boston College Eagles in last year's NCAA Tournament. The answer? Georgia Tech.

I'm a BC partisan, but not an Eagles true believer. Until Al Skinner's club develops a third scoring option, I'll argue against BC receiving a No. 1 seed. But by the same token, I'll defend Skinner for doing "more with less" than many of his opponents. Given the right draw, BC is surely an Elite Eight club.