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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well Said

Seth Davis captures my thoughts on Connecticut in a single sentence.

I love Josh Boone; I just don't like that he's UConn's leading scorer and best player.

But unfortunately, in his latest "Hoop Thoughts Stock Report," Davis makes the mistake of frequently noting a club's in-conference statistical ranking. For example, writing that Georgia Tech leads the ACC in both field goal defense and three-point defense and Kentucky is 10th in the SEC in field goal shooting and three-point shooting. As these numbers aren't adjusted for strength of schedule, they mean very little.

Also, Davis' lone reservation about Arizona, a concern about Salim Stoudamire's maturity, is yesterday's news. Increasingly -- and unexpectedly -- Arizona no longer depends on Stoudamire's leadership (or lack thereof). In every huddle, point guard Mustafa Shakur is vocal, passionate and team-oriented. With or without Stoudamire, this year's 'Cats will exceed expectations. I'd rate them a BUY.

More thoughts on Davis' recommendations to come.