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Sunday, January 16, 2005

cheese or pepperoni?

-- Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Jerry Brewer observes Kentucky has become the clan that can shoot straight. With or without Joe Crawford, whose future, if you believe Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald Leader, remains in doubt ahead of his meeting with Tubby Smith. There's no guarantee coach will welcome the defector back into his ranks (though I'd find it hard to imagine otherwise).

-- Kentucky's mascot, graduate student Clay Duerson, has repeatedly violated NCAA rules by clapping university-supplied foam pads at times other than a timeout or during halftime.

-- Mike Imrem of the Daily Herald pens a column on the flip side of respect: a pizza missile coming Illinois' way. And this blogger thought Northwestern was the academic prince of the Big Ten.

-- College Sports Television continues to make progress in its effort to have Bresnan Communications add the sports station to its cable lineup. Bresnan provides cable service throughout Wyoming.