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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Today's Must Read

about the biz.

Sports Illustrated writer Seth Davis is the kind of guy who gets his 5 o'clock shadow long before 5 o'clock. When he started in television, on a show about Duke men's basketball while he was a student at the university, he noted that the effect came off something like Richard Nixon in his 1960 debate against John F. Kennedy — not good.

So he took to carrying a makeup compact, like the ones women in black-and-white movies used when they talked about powdering their noses. You can imagine how this played among Davis' college buddies, but he endured their sophisticated humor.

"The only thing worse than the Cover Girl thing in your pocket is going on without makeup on," Davis said.

And blogs' potential?

"It really is a growth industry," Davis said. "There are channels sprouting up all around us. It's a great time to be a content provider."