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Sunday, December 05, 2004

overtime: the company you keep

Thank you to all those who have voted (and will continue to vote once a day through voting's close on December 12th) this site the "Best Sports Blog" in the 2004 Weblog Awards. When I got in the race, I never expected to win. The baseball blogosphere is much too large (and much too good) for a college basketball blogger to triumph in a largely parochial contest.

And that was before the Giambi-Bonds(-Jones) steroids story broke, sending baseball blog readership through the roof.

But I'm very thankful (and very proud) of this site's strong showing to date. I've provided "fierce competition" for the Baseball Crank, a former associate of the Sports Guy (yes, that Sports Guy). And run nearly even with Athletics Nation, whose best of the blogosphere technology comes from none other than the Daily Kos (the 'net's most popular liberal blog). This site is also doing well against Fanblogs, a group blog with many, many writers, Baseball Musings, a blog authored by a former ESPN lead researcher and Aaron's Baseball, a site that predates the Internet (or might as well). Finally, a shout-out to Brendan Loy. When I was a blog newbie, the "Irish Trojan" linked readers my way -- the first time I noticed a surge in interest. The traffic Brendan inspired provided the motivation (in part) for me to continue writing.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.