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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Gregg Doyel was likely the only (major) mainstream media pundit to cover the Indiana-North Carolina game rather than the Illinois-Wake Forest hoopla, suggesting that the CBS Sportsline columnist either didn't get invited to the Prom or didn't care to go. Did Doyel know something (about Wake Forest) we didn't know?

Dee Brown was significantly more eloquent in his post-game interview than was Bruce Weber. If ESPN is looking for an analyst to replace Mike Jarvis (hint, hint), they could do worse than Brown. But until Dee becomes eligible, how about the "New Guy?"

Mike "Dream Job" Hall couldn't control a talkative Bill Raftery, indignant Jay Bilas (the 10th best analyst on ESPN), or wise-guy Sean McDonough, but he shined last night nonetheless. Witty, funny-looking and knowledgeable, Hall would make a great college basketball talking head.