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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"It's hard work."

Pitt Sports Blather's Chas notes that the average fan now has access to storylines suggested by a college's media relations department.

The patsy game against St. Francis - PA. Game Notes are here (PDF), but there isn't much to them. I mean if you like to see what the suggested storylines are, that's fine.

I think that has been an oddly fascinating thing about everything being on the net. The transparency with which athletic departments provide "suggested" storylines regarding a team for writers and game commentators. Stuff that has been going on for years, usually with the fans blissfully unaware of where some of those weird storylines or stats developed, now know it before the stories are written or the games are broadcast.

My recommendation? Reporters and columnists ought to avoid regurgitating talking points developed by a particular school or conference. Why? Because bloggers will soon hunt down lazy beat writes and mock them. Incessantly.