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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Eject! Eject!

Mike Davis should leave Indiana before he is unceremoniously shown the door. (Last summer would have been ideal. This summer will have to do). Bolting from Bloomington before the bottom falls out (read: a loss to Charlotte tonight, previewing the Hoosiers' inevitable finish outside the Big Ten's upper half) would save Davis face and, if well coordinated, enable him to smoothly transition into another job.

At various points in the last couple years, Davis' name was linked to head coaching vacancies across the country (e.g. Auburn). Why he didn't bite is beyond me; less pressure, an opportunity to cultivate a loyal fan base (one need not look further than the faithful's reaction to Davis' contract negotiations several years ago to realize just how short fans' tempers were going to be), and an offer competitive with his existing salary.

Having made $900,000 a year since he and Jared Jeffries led Indiana to the championship game, Davis is financially secure. Sure, he could play chicken with Indiana administrators. Best case, he turns Indiana around (unlikely). Worst case, he continues to make a boat load of money while counting down his days.

But why not go long on class -- and personal happiness? Keep your name out of the papers and your head in the game?

Davis should begin pursuing other opportunities and make it known he'd like out of Indiana. In so doing, he'd 1) shut the fans up, 2) preempt the administration (given Davis' contract and the athletic department's financial troubles, they won't fire him if they can reasonably expect he won't be around for more than next season, at the absolute max), and 3) work himself into a new job.