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Friday, November 19, 2004

Why? Why? Why?

Is Cincinnati the most-hated, most-reviled, most-demonized college basketball program in the country? The Post explains. But Gregg Doyel steals the show.

"The average basketball fan is also the average American, who believes in 'innocent until proven guilty' and second chances and all that -- as long as it happens somewhere else," Doyel said. "Bring that sort of thing to my back yard, and we've got a problem. That's how people think. Huggins doesn't suspend players because fans or the media demand it. He doesn't back off recruits for PR purposes. He recruits who he wants, and he sticks with them -- and the average college basketball fan says, 'There goes Huggins.' Well, sure, there goes Huggins. Whether he's doing it for basketball purposes or humanity purposes -- and let's be honest; it's probably a mixture -- he's consistent."