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Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Smug Sigh of Relief

Earlier this year, CNN/SI's Luke Winn suggested (and the Detroit News' Jim Spadafore and ESPN's Jeff Shelman considered it possible if not likely that) Northwestern would this season play in the school's first NCAA Tournament. My reaction?

Yes, the Red Sox might win the World Series. But even with the cosmos out of alignment, the Wildcats will not be dancing come March.

Read My Lips: If Northwestern makes its first-ever trip to the NCAA Tournament this year, I will eat my shorts. Or grab a magic marker and write Dickie V on my forehead in big black letters. Or both.

Upon reading my pledge, the SportsProf noted I might be sorry.

You might have to get ready to eat 'em, Yoni. Street and Smith's and Blue Ribbon both have them as a bubble team come march, and while they did lose Jitim Young, they are deeper than they've been before and they'll have an inside presence. Give Bill Carmody a center who can play, and Bill Carmody will get his team to the Big Dance.

I'm not (sorry). Only four games into the Wildcats' season, I'm already (all but) right! By virtue of Northwestern's three point victory over Portland and the club's losses to New Mexico State, Utah State and (today) Colorado.