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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Odds & Ends

Paul Hewitt is wisely prohibiting his freshmen from talking to the media until after Georgia Tech's first regular-season game. Better to keep distractions to a minimum --- Dick Vitale recently made some uncharacteristically critical and surprisingly harsh remarks regarding ACC expansion: "It's all about greed. It's all about cash. It's all about dollars. The bottom line is some of the matchups make no logical sense geographically when you look across the American landscape.” --- Chances are that Stanford’s Trent Johnson can (still) dunk. --- The Henry Bibby watch is about to begin at USC. Since taking the Trojans to the Elite Eight several years back, Bibby has directed progressively less successful seasons. With the recent loss of once heralded recruit Rodrick Stewart, it is unlikely USC will amass the talent necessary to make the NCAA Tournament anytime soon. Further, coach Bibby seems increasingly out of touch. Paul Gutierrez of the Los Angeles Times encourages us to read between the lines.

Bibby also said that he wanted the 6-foot-4 sophomore back in the Trojan program. However, about the same time Bibby was saying this, the player was telling a reporter that the decision had already been made and that he was leaving.