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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Law & Order

Two thoughts come to mind after reading Gregg Doyel's column on the NCAA's pursuit of AAU coach Mark Komara and the ruling body's de facto suspension of Texas freshman Mike Williams.

First, where there's smoke, there's fire. The NCAA has already nabbed Komara for paying for a player's plane ticket and (in an unrelated affair) noted that the Hunstville, Alabama promoter and the Auburn coaching staff exchanged more than 1,100 phone calls between 1999-2001. The NCAA is making its list -- and checking it thrice -- because, sooner or later, they're going to nail this guy.

Second, if the gloves don't fit, you must acquit. The ruling body doesn't currently have enough information to suspend Jackson or fine Komara. In the popular television show "Law & Order," the police often don't have the evidence necessary to hold a suspect. The result? They let him or her go after several hours of interrogation. So should the NCAA. Mike Williams ought to be cleared to play for the Longhorns.