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Thursday, November 18, 2004

the facebook

This post marks the beginning of the end.

After Lindsay noted Chris Paul accepted her as a friend on thefacebook.com, I put the chimps to work.

Does Channing Frye have an account? Yes. How about Craig Smith? Ditto. Shelden Williams? Check. Bracey Wright? Indeed. John Gilchrist? You better believe it. Josh Boone? Yup. Dee Brown? Likewise. Sean May? Count him in.

I've invited each -- or their (fraudulent) stand-in -- to be my friend. I don't have a photo on thefacebook (and rarely use the site, except to accept friends' invitations), but let's see if any players join my social network.

(Thefacebook, for readers who are out of the loop, is an online directory of social networks among students and alumni of particular colleges and universities. It is similar to Friendster).