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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bo Knows

when it is time to move on.

WSJ: You understood and supported Devin's decision and it worked out for him being the fifth player drafted (by Dallas).

Ryan: There was more that went into that than people realize. They have to understand and give credit to a young man that's proven he could discipline himself to do a lot of good things on a basketball court, so then, therefore, he could discipline his mind and his body to make good decisions away from the basketball court. And that's what Devin [Harris] did.

This was a decision based on information, good information, not some guy from the grocery store that ran up to him and said, "This is what I think." And it's OK for people to have opinions, but this was - and I'm not going to say no-brainer, because that's a term I don't use - this was an educated decision and Devin is going to make it work.

WSJ: Do you ever take that nanosecond and say, "We'd have been really good with Devin?"

Ryan: I haven't. My wife has said it to me. My five children have said it to me. My golfing partners have said it to me. My neighbors have said it to me. But Bo's never said it to Bo. (laughs). I'm not afforded that luxury, or that weakness. It's not a luxury, it's a weakness.

WSJ: You just have to move on, don't you?

Ryan: Yep. That means opportunity for other people.

Several years back, I was happy to see Wisconsin hire Bo Ryan. Local guy (UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee) makes good. Today, I'm glad to observe Ryan making sense. Best of luck to his Badgers as they begin practicing on Saturday.