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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

lawyer jokes

Gregg Doyel recently wrote a very good column on the absurdity of several lawsuits filed by former head coaches.

But while Jan van Breda Kolff and Jim Harrick were fired for cheating, Nolan Richardson was asked to leave for whining. All three lawsuits were unnecessary, but only Nolan's was to be expected. Only the ex-Arkansas coach's suit was a natural extension of the conflict that led to his departure -- a very public spat was likely to find a new and very public arena. I am therefore not surprised Nolan spent a cool $500,000 in legal fees to air his, and the school's, dirty laundry.

How does the proverb go? Peace begets prosperity; Prosperity begets pride; Pride begets prejudice; Prejudice begets war; War begets poverty. Think about it.

Richardson is appealing a lower court's dismissal of his lawsuit. Oh well. I had hoped poverty could now beget peace and Richardson would be hired to a big-time head coaching job.

Or, as I earlier suggested, at least to lead UMass.