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Monday, August 16, 2004

billy boy

Dick Vitale includes Florida in his preseason Top 30. Why he does so is beyond me.

Perhaps because the Gators return their core players from last season. Vitale writes, "Coach Billy Donovan has a triple threat in Walsh, Roberson and Lee."

My point exactly. Matt Walsh, David Lee and, most notably, Anthony Roberson, led the Gators to a first round exit in last year's NCAA Tournament. Roberson played selfishly and Walsh poorly. Lee? A surprising non-factor.

Back in March, both Gregg Doyel and Mike DeCourcy dissected the Gators many problems. I quoted select highlights from their pieces here.

Expect little teamwork, much selfish play, and little player development under Donovan's watch again this year. As long as Billy roams the sidelines at Florida, no amount of talent will enable the potential-heavy Gators to be an Elite Eight mainstay.